Tactical combat trader



With an engine baffled for stealth and oversized tires for optimal terrain negotiation, the Dread Predator is made for hit-and-fade.

Night after night Burner parties in DC had their barricades rolled over and their fuel depots lit up. For two terrifying weeks that unknown Freelancer made the Burners earn their name. Now Knuckle Sam runs DC and he still don't know who to thank.
- The Weatherman.



Engine 72's roar is a message: she's on her way and Hell's coming with her.

They found Engine 72 abandoned in the Maze around Central Park. Never found the crew. She was seen as bad luck, decommissioned. Now someone with a mad-on for the Cartel's fitted her out to spray napalm and is takin' it to their door. Do I mind? Nah. If those dopes are fightin' each other it means they ain't eyeballin' me.
- Furio Lombardo, Mayor of New York.



The Cloudpuncher is ideal for the Freelancer who wants to make a big impression.

The 'Puncher's a gem. Pre-Winter technology. Y'got your long-range sensors, your counter-mortar systems and all the onboards auto-calculate for distance, windage and elevation. Basically it's a 240mm delete key for buildings.
- Smitty, Master Weaponsmith, Camp Hope.



Perhaps NYPD HERCs stand aside because they see her as one of their own... or maybe it's because there's a 10,000-watt laser strapped to her roof.

Before the Long Winter hit that bus drove cons to some prison upstate. Then, a few years back, someone callin' herself 'The Judge' fitted that thing out for war. The name means 'Justice For All.' Let's just say she wasn't drivin' around providin' free legal counseling.
- Zipperface, Scav Warden, Yankee Reclamation Stadium.



Capable of hauling four-hundred tons of raw ore, the Golem now packs four-hundred tons of firepower supported by six oversized tires on three axles while standing two stories tall.

All action, no words. The Golem

Yes. One of our platform Roughnecks earned his freedom and purchased an oversized mining truck for himself. Shortly thereafter I was dismayed to learn that he had driven that eyesore into our armory and... liberated... several weapons of a most monstrous caliber. I assumed he had sold them to fund a degenerate lifestyle of some sort. Why do you ask? Has there been an upset?
- The Overseer of the Black Fort.